Not So Guilty TV
i'll be completely honest: i like junk food for the brain, hate-to-love tv.

In modeling show news…

Aspiring supermodels are featured in E!’s new one-hour docu-series Scouted where viewers can follow the personal journeys of young women from the time they are discovered by local model scouts.  Scouted premieres November 28 at 10p and each of the eight episodes documents different potential models that make it through the discovery process.  Scouted sends local model scouts to various places around the country to sorority houses, rodeos, county fairs, high schools, beaches and elsewhere to look for potential model talent.  Following some preliminary training and polishing, the local scouts present their budding new stars to One Management in New York City in hopes the experts will like what they see and request a meeting.  Scouted is produced by Cris Abrego Productions, a subsidiary of 51 Minds, an Endemol Company.