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Andy Dick went home and its all my fault.

Yes, I’ll admit it. I watch The Bachelor. No matter the crazy, inevitable twist, leaving me shouting, “Ugh! Why do I watch this show?!” I still watch, year after year. So after spending many Monday nights with ABC, I’ve seen plenty of promos for Dancing With The Stars. Yet, I’ve never watched. I took tap and jazz for ten years, but a celebrity ballroom dancing competition never really seemed to be my thing… until this year. Full disclosure: I am watching my first season of Dancing With The Stars, and I’m enjoying it. You got me, ABC. I’ve even voted.

Maybe its because of Lisa Vanderpump. I’ve worked at Bravo for the past six years, and of course, I am a loyal and supportive employee. (But honestly, I get my fill of the Housewives from 9-5, so that can’t be it.) Maybe its because of Sean, The Bachelor. I was missing my Monday night dates with roses the night that I tuned into my first episode of #dwts a few weeks ago. (However, I hardly follow Bachelor / Bachelorette news post-season, so I could really remove Sean from my weekly routine and survive.) Maybe its because of Aly the gymnast. The gymnastics events during the London Olympics were definitely a highlight of my television viewing last summer. That really could be it. Plus, Gabby cheering her on from the audience? You can’t really top that. 
But wait! Yes, you can. How about with a 16 year old Disney star that would put the every season of the Mickey Mouse Club to shame, a cute country singer with a pixie haircut and matching Tinkerbell bod, and a recovering addict / comedian with a cuddly, empathetic dance partner? Zendaya Coleman, Kellie Pickler, and Andy Dick are my favorites to watch each week. 
Zendaya is obviously a force and most likely going to win. She is ridiculously talented, and with the ABC (Disney) magic in her court, she seems to have her sneakers on and ready for a jive at any moment, literally. 
Kellie is the surprising one to watch. I’ve never seen any other country stars in leggings, but I feel like Kellie is a rare breed. (ie: I really can’t picture Taylor Swift pulling off these moves, and that keeps me watching.) 
Andy is a sweetheart. When I watched the #dwts season premiere, I was inspired to hear his story of addiction, recovery, and want for a fresh start. Andy Dick wanted to tug on my heart strings, and it worked. His dance moves aren’t mind-blowing like Zendaya’s, but is it even fair to judge a guy against the spins and hip shaking of a 16 year old girl? I really don’t think so. But I’d say anyone willing to dance on television, in tight pants next to professionals, deserves an award, and forgiveness for any past wrongs. 
Sure, its not called Dancing With Rehab, or Dancing With The Underdog, but Andy Dick’s effort and good intentions got my vote. (I also voted for Aly, Kellie, and Zendaya.) And every Tuesday, during the third hour of ABC on my TV for the week, I’ve sat and hoped that my votes made a difference. 
Yes, I’ll admit it. I watch Dancing With The Stars, and I am invested. (Thank you AT&T.) This week, however, I failed #TeamDick and didn’t get my text in before the deadline. I sent my vote, and got a disappointing return text saying that my voting window had closed. So sadly, Andy Dick went home this week and its all my fault. I feel worse than I did when Sean the Bachelor got dumped by Emily Maynard. Here’s hoping none of my girls get voted off, and that Sean and Catherine stay together until their ABC wedding and forever. ABC, you move me.

“The only thing wrong with this coat is… I DON’T OWN IT YET!”

— Rachel Zoe quoting an “old friend” this season. — is that friend Brad Goreski?? Dramz.
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Alexis Bledel